burgee Santa Margarita Yacht Club
  Located on Camp Pendleton
  P.O. Box 2043
  Oceanside, CA 92051

Today's Weather Camp Pendleton
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Drought-ClimateSan Diego County  



Small Boat Race 7 of 8 Small Boat Race 7 of 8
 7th Sept 2019

Small Boat Race 6 of 8 Small Boat Race 6 of 8
 12th Aug 2019

Small Boat Race 5 of 8 Small Boat Race 5 of 8
 20th Jul 2019

Small Boat Race 4 of 8 Small Boat Race 4 of 8
 9th Jun 2019

Open Day 2019 Open Day 2019
 7th Apr 2019

Small Boat Race 2 of 8 Small Boat Race 2 of 8
 20th Apr 2019

Small Boat Race 1 of 8 Small Boat Race 1 of 8
 24th Mar 2019

Ladies Boat Race  Oorah Regatta
 Nov 3rd 2018

Ladies Boat Race  Ladies Boat Race
 Oct 13th 2018

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