burgee Santa Margarita Yacht Club
  Located on Camp Pendleton
  P.O. Box 2043
  Oceanside, CA 92051

Cruising News 2019

Del Mar Marina schedules many cruises during the year, Catalina Cruises scheduled. For more information on the availability  of cruises hosted by the marina, call 760 725 sail (7245)

Santa Margarita Yacht Club
2019 Cruising Program

 Bridge Contact and Cruise Chairperson

 Kat Wacker, Rear Commodore
 Email: kat.wacker@me.com

Scheduled Cruises
Date Destination  Link to Details
  March 2019  Dana Point Dana Point Info  
2019  San Diego/Mission Bay  San Diego Info  
2019  Day/Sunset  DelMar Marina  
2019  Day/Sunset  DelMar Marina  
2019  Day/Sunset  DelMar Marina  

 Cruise Organizers

  The success of the SMYC cruise program is dependent on members willing to volunteer to organize a
  cruise. If you are willing to serve as an organizer, please contact kat.wacker@me.com

 For current info. please refer to the latest SMYC newsletter.

 Cruising Policy

 1. The mission of the SMYC cruising program is to:
    a. Determine the date and destination for cruises.
    b. If the destination has slips (visiting a yacht club or public wharves), contacting
        the host regarding availability and determining the best way to handle slip
        reservations (as a group or individually).

    c. Plan the social events at the destination.

    d. Provide contact information among the participating boats.

    e. Provide a clearinghouse to match members with boats with members who
        would like to crew.

    f. Provide information about cruising experiences and helpful hints that may
       make cruising safer and more enjoyable.

    g. Make it abundantly clear that the boat owner and skipper bear sole and full
        responsibility for the decisions regarding boat preparation, navigation, and

    h. Sponsor the re-instatement of the club seamanship contest, which tests
        anchoring, man-over-board drill, and sailing.

 2. It is NOT the mission of the cruising committee to:

     a. Impose any requirements or guidelines regarding boat preparation, navigation,
         or operation. If individual skippers want to buddy boat, they can do so on their

     b. Undertake any responsibility for aiding boats in distress. Boat skippers may
         respond individually to calls for assistance in accordance with the federal,
         state and laws of the sea.

 3. Participation

    a. Each boat participating in a SMYC-sponsored cruise must have at least one
        SMYC member aboard, and fly the SMYC burgee.

    b. When the cruise includes using the facilities of another yacht club, e.g. dock or
        club house, SMYC members must sign in under their SMYC membership
        number. As GUESTS of the hosting club, ONLY
MEMBERS in good standing
        may use the facilities of the host club.