1. White lights can sometimes be found on what kind of buoy?
a) Red Buoys.
b) Green Buoys.
c) Day Marks.
d) Regulatory buoys.

2. Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning is sometimes mistakenly identified as what?
a) Sunburn.
b) Sea Sickness.
c) Hypothermia.
d) Hyperactivity.

3. In what part of the boat are gasoline fumes most likely to accumulate?
a) Trunk.
b) Head.
c) Bilge.
d) Cockpit.

4. According to BoatU.S. Insurance claims files, how many boats sink in their slip for every boat that sinks at sea?
a) 2.
b) 4.
c) 6.
d) 8.
e) 10.

5. When a vessel is in danger, or in doubt of the intentions of another vessel how many short horn blasts should she sound?
a) 1.
b) 2.
c) 3.
d) 4.
e) 5.


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