SMYC SMALL BOAT RACE 2 of 8,  Apr 20 2019

     We gathered at the club house before 10:00 and cloudy conditions mixed with a few rain drops slowed our preparations for todays racing. Our main concern was that we might not have enough skippers and crew to run the races.

We deliberated in a true committee fashion which means that we flipped and flopped getting more confused by the minute then one tiny voice led us out of the darkness with a "let's just do it". Eureka that ends the 25 minute stalemate and we set the race course and prepped our boats.

The cloudy cool conditions on the basin provided nice sailing for the Capri 16.5's The races were set in rapid succession. All of the boats had enough wind to move the boats smartly at the start line and around the marks.

The basin had an abundant number of very young sailors in kayaks and pedal boats who found the the finish line a rater cool place to raft up. The additional traffic did not cause any serious issues besides it was a Saturday and they were just looking for a little adventure and fun.

O K folks her are our results of race 2 of 8.

1st:  Partick & Kevin   9 points

2nd:  Gary and Teri   10 points

3rd:  Susan & Jay

I thank all who participated in todays event and i am personally grateful did we did not postpone. Rescheduling the boats can be somewhat tricky because the mariner has very active usage of the Capris.

Cheers Mates,


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