SMYC SMALL BOAT RACE 1 of 8,  Mar 24 2019

The club held our first race of 2019 today with a very enthusiastic group of sailors. We were privileged to have blue sky nice winds and fine racers setting their sails. The time of short days and abundant rains has hopefully passed.

The long Winter of 2018 passed into a much anticipated 2019 Spring. SMYC will start taking to activities on the Pacific and we are going to attempt to enjoy our nautical environment and improve our skills as mariners. The club had four 16.5 Capri entries in today's races.

Our skippers and crews set out today hoping to shake out winter rust. We attempted to offer a set of courses that that would sharpen skills and challenge our racers in this new season. I think all of our entries received high marks for keen strategy and boat skills.
The results are as follows .

1st:  Tom & Glenda   6 points
2nd:  Suzan & Jay   12 points
3rd:  Teri & Brett   16 points
4th:  Patrick & Kevin   16 points

We hope the 2019 season brings club members to the Del Mar Marina even if they don"t what to sail but would enjoy a bright sunny day as a spectator and join us in toast at our post race debrief (beer and bull session).

Thanks R.C.


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