SMYC SMALL BOAT RACE 7 of 8, 25 August 2018

This August morning produced light winds and low clouds in the basin. The race committee prepared the marks to be set for the race shortly after we had conformation that three boats were ready and anxious to compete. As the boats moved out onto the basin, the sun and wind seemed to acknowledge that they were going to cooperate in making this a very special day for the racers.

The skippers and crews had 5 very exciting and fun filled races and I really enjoyed the experience of shifting from race committee to crewing with Gary.

There was one boat with 2 laughing pirates that sailed to victory in most of the races. The skipper insisted that his success had to do with information he secured from a torn and tattered book that he produced to us showing racing strategies.

I personally think that was a load of bull and that his success was mostly because they finally figured out how to place his ballast in the boat. Another popular theory was that he was lucky and carefree or more likely both. Okay before I get into trouble I am apologize for just playing around but it sure was fun to pen that thought.

Thanks to all, who joined in the fun today and a tip of the hat to Bill & Marybeth and Richard Lambert for taking on race committee duties today. Now here are the results.

1. Patrick & Kevin     6 points
2. Gary & Joe     9 points
3. Susan & Hugh     15 points


Joe Palmiotti Race Committee

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