SMYC SMALL BOAT RACE 5 of 8,  Jun 23 2018

Howdy from the very courageous club members, who participated in todays races in the Del Mar boat basin. We were requested to reef our sails before the boats cast off the docks and it proved to be a very prudent decision. The reefing factor allowed our boats and crews to have the most exhilarated racing that could be accomplished without placing crews and boats in jeopardy.

The five entrees in todays races had extremely brisk starts provided by gusting south winds. The skippers had plenty of opportunities to perfect their port starts if they desired. I can attest to the fact that the Capri boats had very nice bottom paint and no evidence of marine growth from bow to stern. These cloudy and windy conditions are more likely to occur in November than the first week of Summer.

A tip of the hat to the Mariner crew, which offered some much appreciated assistance in todays race activity. The race participants and committee had a short debrief mainly, because we were all cold and wore out. We probably had to many endorphins and adrenaline pumping in our bodies and might be looking forward a comfy chair, a pair of slippers and large cocktail at home.

Here are todays results:

1. Susan & Hugh   7 points
2. Tom & Glenda   13 points
3. Pat & Sue   18 points
4. Patrick & Kevin   18 points
5. Gary & Linda   20 points

Joe Palmiotti, Race Coordinator