SMYC SMALL BOAT RACE 3 of 8, 5 May 2018

The fifth of May delivered exceptional sailing conditions to the racers at the Del Mar boat basin with bright blue sky and a cool westerly breeze blowing off the Pacific. Our five teams assembled for a informal skippers meeting then promptly readied the boats to race. Once the sails were raised the 5 Capri boats tested starting line tactics and to everyones delight the boats performed with very quick helms.

The race committee saw the opportunity to take advantage of selecting longer courses because boat speeds would be faster than normal with these conditions. Our first race shot the boats up the channel and seemingly before I could take a sip of my coffee, yawn and scratch my ear these guys were approaching the finish line. The break that committee members get when send the boats on long courses would not be possible today.

The committee decided to fight fire with fire and we chose a course then gave it a roman numeral (2) to duplicate the chosen course a second time. When we looked at the race display card we noticed a (3) on the opposite side. It was an unanimous committee decision to run the course three times even if it dropped some jaws. The third race required that main sails be reefed for all races going forward. With reefed sails the boats still enjoyed exceptional speeds and agility for all remaining races.

Post race we shared scoring, chips with salsa, cerveza and pleasant conversation. All in all a very nice day to be on the water.
Rear Commodore    Points

1.  Susan & Hugh       7
2.  Gary & Linda       9
3.  Patrick & Steve     14
4.  Joe & Revone      21
5.  Ron & Richard      24

1 / 14
2 / 14
3 / 14
4 / 14
5 / 14
6 / 14
7 / 14
8 / 14
9 / 14
10 / 14
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