burgee Santa Margarita Yacht Club
  Located on Camp Pendleton
  P.O. Box 2043
  Oceanside, CA 92051

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Installation Luncheon Installation Luncheon
 3rd Dec 2017

OORAH! Regatta  OORAH! Regatta
 Nov 4th

Small Boat Race 7 of 8  Small Boat Race 7 of 8
 Oct 8th

Small Boat Race 6 of 8  Small Boat Race 6 of 8
 Aug 5th

4th July BBQ 4th July BBQ
 4th July 2017

Small Boat Race 5 of 8 Small Boat Race 5 of 8
 24th June 2017

san diego cruise 2017 San Diego Cruise
 27th May 2017

Small Boat Race 4 of 8 Small Boat Race 4 of 8
 20th May 2017

Small Boat Race 3 of 8 Small Boat Race 3 of 8
 13th May 2017

Synopsis of COLREGS

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SMYC 2018 Members Kick-Off Lunch
at the Oceanside Broiler

**January 27, 2018 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm**

    Responses needed.

Details are in the December/January Newsletter.

Please respond to Director Kat Wacker as soon as possible, (but no later than 01-20-18) if you intend to attend the event.

We need a head count for or (to cancel) the venue.

Contact: kat.wacker@me.com


What a great year, with your help, we have had, we raised close
to $2000 for ElderHelp. This will bring so much sunshine to people.

There will be care, food and trips, they might have missed if it were not for all the help we received. I have already
received a donation from Sue Ayres to start the new year, thank you.

Our change of watch was in October, and I will be VP in 2018. Marybeth Thayer will continue as Secretary. Grace Hansen President, and Dawn Shaffer Nemoy as Treasurer.

We will be having more events soon. I will keep you informed. Another event that might be of interest will be coming January 20th, we hold a two hour seminar (free) to inform spouses of either board members or club members to see and hear what is expected if anyone volunteers to take a spot on the board or intends to work their way to commodore.

Their will be refreshments for you as well. The time will be 9AM to 11AM at SGYC. I will get more info for you in January.

Till 2018, Fair Winds, VP. Audrey Hall

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