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Small Boat Race 2 of 8 Small Boat Race 2 of 8
 20th Apr 2019

Small Boat Race 1 of 8 Small Boat Race 1 of 8
 24th Mar 2019

Ladies Boat Race  Oorah Regatta
 Nov 3rd 2018

Ladies Boat Race  Ladies Boat Race
 Oct 13th 2018

Small Boat Race 8 of 8  Small Boat Race 8 of 8
 September 15th 2018

Small Boat Race 7 of 8  Small Boat Race 7 of 8
 August 25th 2018

Small Boat Race 6 of 8  Small Boat Race 6 of 8
 July 21st 2018

Installation Luncheon 4th July BBQ 2018

Small Boat Race 5 of 8 
 Jun 23rd 2018

Small Boat Race 3 of 8 Small Boat Race 4 of 8
 3rd June 2018

Small Boat Race 3 of 8 Small Boat Race 3 of 8
 5th May 2018

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      It’s that time of year again when we all need to be mindful of how to help promote our club in a welcoming manner. One such way is to volunteer as DUTY OFFICER.

This entails hosting at our club house on a Saturday from 10am to 2pm. It is a form of “Open House” which welcomes people around the Marina to stop by and learn about our club.

This often leads to new memberships. On our website go to “Member Information” and click on “Duty List”.

There you will be able to choose an available Saturday to volunteer. Also available on that page is “What the Duty Officer Does” for more complete information about the duties performed.

This year the season of “Hosting” begins on April 13 and ends on Sept. 28.

In the back room there is a white plastic basket (labeled “Duty Watch”) with the items you may need during your watch. Make yourself comfortable on the deck. There are chairs located in the club for you to use.

Please call or email me if you have any questions or concerns. My number and email are listed in the Santa Margarita Directory.

Thank you and hope you will enjoy your participation,

Sue Ayres


We made over $900 in 2018 to make things more fun and enjoyable for our San Diego Seniors.

This is due to many donations from our club.

Some fun events are planned for the spring .

Stay tuned.

Secretary Marybeth Thayer and President Audrey Hall

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